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Happy Friday!

It rained yesterday!  The first significant rainfall we have had in a couple of months, 3 inches.  (Cue the 'happy dance')  My very favorite farmer is smack dab in the middle of harvest and, although it stops them from being in the field, the rain has multiple benefits; it gives him a break to make needed repairs, it will improve the yield of both beans and corn, and it will lessen the risk of fires.  My VFF had to stop harvest last Saturday to bring in his combine and water it down.  A mechanical problem caused sparks and the bean dust and stems were smoldering...very dangerous.  In the past two weeks there have been at least one field fire and our neighbor's combine went up in flames while he was at the house for lunch.  I'll give a better explanation of fire hazards in my next post.  

For some reason, Sophie is tied to me at the hip!  She is often a very "needy" doodle...she wants love and LOTS of it especially if she is in the house.  However, if she is outside she loves to roam around the farm.  She has a fenced in back yard, but being outside of her fence is her very favorite.  She adores being able to sniff under the pine trees and around the farm buildings.  EAU de PEW is her favorite; what self respecting doodle would turn down the chance to roll in  something stinky?  As a result, she isn't given much independence outside her fence.  This morning she checked out the pumpkins.  My VFF decided he wanted to plant pumpkins this year.  We ended up with 47 mounds containing 7 different varieties.  Yep.  It was a big patch...I was okay with it because it meant a bit less mowing!  We picked them a couple of weeks ago and have shared them with family and friends.  I have a tote full of the mini pumpkins set aside for my oldest son.  He is planning to use them for an art project in his classroom.  The top of the tote was filled with rain water so Sophie was able to enjoy a nice long drink.  Water sitting on top of a tote or in a puddle on the ground must be worlds better than the water in her bowl! 

Sophie and I wish you the very best!  Happiest Friday to all!  


  1. Hari OM
    Being off farming folks myself, I love all things 'farm'... but I don't envy your neighbour having his machinery flare. What a shock! Stay safe and happy harvest! YAM xx


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Happy Friday!
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