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Let the Doodle in. Let the Doodle out. Repeat. A LOT!


Somehow Sophie Doodle knows when it has snowed.  Her momma is forever being summoned to the back door to let her out.  Sophie plows the snow with her snout.  She runs willy-nilly in her fenced in back yard.  She is not happy when confined to the mudroom while she dries out!  Such is the life of a Bernedoodle when it has snowed in central Illinois. Just the right amount of snow, (Sorry.  I just had to let Sophie back in the house!) enough to cover the ground but not enough to create a problem driving. These are pictures of a very shaggy Sophie Doodle.  She picked up a variant of Kennel Cough (she was vaccinated) at the Vet's over Thanksgiving.  She missed her December grooming appointment because she was under quarantine.  She missed January's appointment because of an ice storm.  She's finally back on track and looking much better!

Sophie's humans have managed to keep busy.  While her dad seems to have never ending errands to run off the farm, her momma has been nurturing her domestic side.  So far this week, she has made vegetable beef soup,  sweet pecan bread muffins, pizza dough (very yummy!), and a loaf of bread made with mystery flour.  What is mystery flour?  It is flour that has been stored in our basement refrigerator without benefit of any kind of label (why did momma think that was a good idea?!).  It was likely unbleached flour, probably organic, but who knows.  The bread turned out just fine, thank goodness!  Next time the flour in the SECOND unmarked container will be tried, just to see what happens!

Such is the life here on our farm.


  1. Hari OM
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I can almost smell that bread from here!!! Sophie, I love that YOU love the snow and am so glad that you are over all that nasty infection. I also hope that you might get the little crumb or two from that home baking! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. My mom wants to apologize for neglecting the blog...she's easily distracted. Hope you'll visit again soon.


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